CERF 2024 Webinar Series

Coastal Futures: the Resilience of Our Communities, Scientific Advancement, and Our Changing World

Our coastal systems encompass many communities, from the near-shore fish and mammals to estuarine marshes and the people who live and work in these diverse environments. Coastal resilience is not only a measure of how well these natural environments are able to adapt quickly to undergoing changes but also how well the connected human communities recover after coastal hazards. Scientific advancement motivates every one of us to fulfill our curiosity, but this is only completed when we gift it to future generations. Please join us for this series of webinars looking at the advancement of scientific knowledge, the different aspects of our coastal communities, the challenges they face, and how they adapt to a changing climate.

 2024 Webinar Pricing

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 2024 Webinar Schedule 

22 August 2024

Successional Trajectories Of Coastal Forested Floodplains Wetlands Along The River Continuum

Elliot White Jr. 

11 September 2024

Reframing fishing access as a food access issue: Towards more holistic fisheries management in the Ocean State

Melva Treviño

22 October 2024

Using the RAD (resist-accept-direct) Framework for Coastal Climate Adaptation

Abigail Lynch

6 November 2024

Phenotypic Plasticity, Description, and Function

Françoise Daverat

December 2024 Information Coming Soon


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