Affiliate Societies

CERF was created in 1971, when the members of two older, regionally-based estuarine research societies (AERS and NEERS) decided that a national organization was needed to address estuarine and coastal issues more broadly. The regionally based Affiliate Societies now number seven and encompass all of the coastal regions that border the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Atlantic Canada Coastal and Estuarine Science Society (ACCESS)

The Atlantic Canada Coastal and Estuarine Science Society has the distinction of being one of the newest affiliate societies as well as the first affiliate that is not principally based in the United States. The majority of the society's members live and work in eastern Canada, where they study the more than 300 estuaries in the St. Lawrence River area.

Atlantic Estuarine Research Society (AERS)


California Estuarine Research Society (CAERS)


Gulf Estuarine Research Society (GERS)


New England Estuarine Research Society (NEERS)


Pacific Estuarine Research Society (PERS)


Southeastern Estuarine Research Society (SEERS)