Governing Board & Staff

Governing Board 2019–2021

President | 2019–2021 

Jim Fourqurean
Florida International University 

International Member-at-Large | 2017–2021

J. Ernesto Mancera
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

President-Elect | 2019–2021

Leila Hamdan
University of Southern Mississippi

Member-at-Large | 2017–2021

Christine Whitcraft
California State University Long Beach

Past President | 2019–2021

Hilary Neckles
U.S. Geological Survey


Member-at-Large | 2019–2023

Jennifer Beseres Pollack
Harte Research Institute
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi


Jamie Vaudrey
University of Connecticut

Member-at-Large | 2019–2023

Kristin Wilson Grimes
University of the Virgin Islands


Erik Smith
University of South Carolina

Student Member-at-Large | 2019–2021

Johnny Quispe
Rutgers University

Affiliate Society Representatives

Allen Beck
Clean Foundation

Brett Branco
Brooklyn College

Ben Fertig
Irvine Nature Center

Liz Perotti
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Steven Litvin
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Enrique Reyes
East Carolina University

Megan La Peyre
U.S. Geological Survey and Louisiana State University Agricultural Center


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CERF Staff

Contact Information
Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation
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Seattle, WA 98133-9009
(206) 209-5262 
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Administration, Communications, Conference,
& Membership Services

SBI Association Management
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Executive Director
Susan Park
(804) 381-6658
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Chief Operating Officer
Louise S. Miller
[email protected]