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CERF’s Up! is a full color, magazine-style publication released in print and digital formats and distributed widely to CERF members and affiliates. We’re looking for material that helps keep the coastal research community informed with fresh perspectives, news, and information relevant to CERF's diverse membership. We're looking for contributions related to:

  • The state of coastal science
  • Ongoing research projects
  • Interactions between coastal research, politics, and community
  • Professional advice/guidance for students and early career professionals
  • Reports of science communication or application
  • Behind-the-scenes coverage of research projects and publications
  • News from volunteer, citizen science, non-profit groups adding to coastal research and conversation efforts
  • High-resolution photographs and print media related to research
  • More!

Why contribute?

CERF's Up! is a unique, high-visibility platform, offering a flexible format that accommodates traditional articles as well as pieces that incorporate two-page spreads, annotated maps, collages, lists, flowcharts, diagrams and other communication methods. 

CERF’s Up! is different because it:

  • Reaches a wide audience and can easily be referenced and accessed
  • Welcomes science “stories,” perspectives, and news
  • Has a quick turnaround: the time from submission to print can be shorter than three months
  • Has no set format for submissions: contributors can uniquely mix text, pictures and art
  • Allows for longer contributions: articles can span multiple pages allowing for more intricate pieces
  • Is currently expanding content. Help set the tone!

Interested? Send ideas or material to [email protected]

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