Regional Workshops

CERF announces the availability of funding to support regional workshops in collaboration with CERF’s Affiliate Societies on high priority scientific and management issues of regional importance. These pilot workshops are intended to explore ways in which the Affiliate Societies and CERF can work together to translate and apply coastal and estuarine science to important regional issues. Workshops should take place between August 2020 and June 2021.

CERF released its current strategic plan, Visions IV, in 2017, covering the period 2017–2022. One of the objectives of this new plan is to enhance the role of the Affiliate Societies as catalysts for regional collaborations that facilitate information sharing, increase knowledge, and generate syntheses that lead to management actions. To support this effort, CERF has allocated funds to support regional workshops in association with the Affiliate Societies on high priority science and management issues. Workshop proposals will be considered on any topic that draws on the latest scientific understanding to address local or regional coastal and/or estuarine management issues. Workshops should reach scientists, managers, policy makers, and students within a particular region. They can be held as part of an Affiliate Society meeting or as a stand-alone event; preference for this first call will be given to workshops held in conjunction with an Affiliate meeting. Workshops that emphasize information sharing and networking among attendees, and synthesis of existing information to aid management actions are encouraged.

Proposals are requested to support the inaugural regional workshops. CERF has allocated funding to support two workshops which should take place by June 2021.

We are no longer collecting submissions for events through June 2021. The proposal deadline closed 1 June 2020.

Full Regional Workshops RFP