California Travel Ban Supplemental Awards

California Travel Ban

In mid-2016, the CERF Governing Board selected Mobile, Alabama, as the site of CERF 2019, and established contracts to secure the convention center for the conference. On January 1, 2017, a California law became effective prohibiting state-sponsored travel to states with laws that allow discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. In April 2017, Alabama passed House Bill 24 allowing private adoption agencies that do not receive federal funding to follow faith-based practices in child placement. Because HB 24 would permit such adoption agencies to discriminate against prospective LGBTQ+ parents, in June 2017 the state of Alabama was placed on the California travel ban list (AB 1887). CERF recognizes the impact this may have on LGBTQ+ attendees and allies, as well as on members and attendees based in California.

Increasing access to CERF 2019 for attendees subject to the California travel ban

CERF has committed additional travel funds for students and early-career professionals who are subject to the ban but still seek to attend CERF 2019 for specific professional needs. CERF respects and recognizes the reasons behind the California travel ban, yet also wants to provide support to students and early-career members who need and value this opportunity to present their work.

In addition, CERF will live-stream the keynote and plenary sessions to provide access to key conference content for those unable to attend.

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Applying for supplemental funds

Affected student and early-career members are eligible for both the standard student travel awards as well as supplemental funds. You may apply for these supplemental travel funds when you complete the registration form: as part of the “Student/Early Career Travel Awards” registration page, you may indicate that you are attending a California institution and may be affected by California’s ban on state-funding and state-sponsored travel to Alabama (AB 1887). If your attendance is contingent on receiving supplemental funds, select the “invoice me” option and pay only if supplemental funds are received.