Cultural Heritage & Coastal Humanities

The Cultural Heritage & Coastal Humanities theme explores cultural values and stewardship roles of coastal communities. It will highlight the unique position of people who depend on coastal resources, and live and work in areas of high risk. Our communities can be helped with science-based solutions and management options that can respond to emerging and existing challenges, build resiliency, and is relevant to lives and livelihoods.

This cross-cutting theme is intended to fully engage multiple disciplines in research and management and place a human dimension front-and-center through exploring the risk and impacts of change to coastal communities, heritage and economies. The CERF community at large, and the Gulf of Mexico has a wealth of diverse heritage that taps into this theme.

The theme will be infused throughout the conference, including:

  • presentation about the discovery of the slave schooner Clotilda
  • A Town Hall on coastal fisheries with a panel of experts from different fisheries sectors.
  • social event at the GulfQuest rich with local flavor, including local foods and a local band.
  • Field trips offering opportunities to experience the culture, history, and incredible natural resources found in Mobile, Alabama, and nearby communities on the Gulf of Mexico Coast.