Call for Abstracts

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The deadline to submit an abstract has passed. Thank you to all who made submissions.

The CERF 2015 Scientific Program Committee invites you to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation for CERF 2015. The Federation is committed to bringing scientists and students from around the world together to exchange information and ideas about the science and management of coastal ecosystems. CERF conferences provide outstanding opportunities for professionals at all stages in their career for continuing education and development.

Please consider submitting an abstract that examines new findings within CERF’s traditional scientific, education and management disciplines and encourages interaction among coastal and estuarine scientists and managers.
Additionally, the Scientific Program Committee encourages abstracts that promote intellectually stimulating discussions of the Grand Challenges in estuarine and coastal science including:
  • Managing and mitigating the risks of climate change
  • Synergistic effects of ocean acidification with hypoxia, eutrophication or other conditions
  • Polar estuaries and coasts
  • Making data work
  • Cities by the sea
  • Estuaries under threat and
  • Multiple uses of coastal resources

Session Information

There will be over 100 sessions at CERF 2015! One of the first, and most important, steps is determining which of these sessions will provide the best forum for your research. During the abstract submission process, you will be asked to select a first and second session choice. Use the searchable database to view all sessions or filter sessions by theme, speaker, title or keyword.

A searchable database of sessions is now available! Search Now >> 

Policies and Procedures for Submitting Abstracts to CERF 2015

The abstract submittal deadline has passed. Thank you to all who made submissions. 

Submittal guidelines and procedures must be followed exactly. If the guidelines are not followed, your abstract will not be accepted.

TITLE: There is a limit of 15 words for the title. The title should be entered in sentence case (i.e., only the first word and proper nouns are capitalized).

PREFERRED PRESENTATION TYPE: Select “Oral presentation”, “Poster presentation”, “Either oral or poster presentation”.

ABSTRACT: All abstracts must be in English and metric units are preferred. There is a limit of 2000 characters for the text of your abstract. The character count includes spaces.

SESSION: Choose your first and second choice of sessions (see CERF 2015 Sessions Search for list). Indicate if you were contacted by the session organizer to present in your first session choice.

KEYWORDS: Select up to five key words for your submission.

STUDENT AWARD: If you are a student, you can have your presentation judged for the Student Award.

RELEASE of ABSTRACT: You must agree to the publication of your abstract in conference related materials and on the website where it will be publically available.

AUTHOR INFORMATION: Please enter all authors in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract. Please provide Institutional affiliations and contact information. There is a limit of 12 authors per abstract.

COMPLETING YOUR SUBMISSION: When all required information is entered, select the "Submit & Review Changes". After ensuring that all the information is correct, select the “Finalize” button.

ABSTRACT FEE:  All submittals, including invited abstracts, must be accompanied by the abstract fee of $65 USD for submission. Abstracts will not be accepted into the scientific program without payment. Secure online payment through Paypal is available at the end of the submission process.

The abstract fee will be waived for a second abstract submitted to an “Education and Outreach” theme session.  To receive your waiver: 1) submit abstract #1 including the payment information to finalize your submission, 2) submit abstract #2 to an “Education and Outreach” session, but do not include the payment information (you will not be able to finalize the submission), 3) send an email to: [email protected] with the subject “CERF abstract waiver” and include your name and abstract titles in the text, 4) After receiving your email, the CERF abstract manager will finalize your submission, and you will receive a confirmation email indicating your abstract was officially submitted.

ELECTRONIC SUBMITTAL:  This method is highly encouraged through the online abstract submittal portal. All abstracts must be received by the closing date noted above. Each submitter will be prompted to select a first choice and second choice session for their submission.

POSTAL COURIER/MAIL: Under special circumstances and to encourage submittals from regions and countries with historically low submission rates, special arrangements for submissions may be made by contacting the CERF office by phone at +1 206-209-5262 or e-mail at

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: All accepted oral and poster presenters must register to attend CERF 2015.  Presenters are highly encouraged to register online for CERF 2015 in advance.

ONE ABSTRACT SUBMITTAL PER PERSON: Please note that CERF has a one presentation per person policy. This means that each participant is permitted to be the lead author or presenter on only one poster OR oral presentation. You may be co-author on other presentations. This policy was adopted to ensure that conference sessions contain contributions from as many people as possible.

An exception to the conference limit of one first author oral or poster presentation is for abstracts submitted to the “Education and Outreach” themed sessions.  A second abstract may be submitted to these sessions.

NOTIFICATION: Notifications of acceptance for abstracts and presentation assignments will be emailed in August 2015.

Scientific Program Formats

1. Oral presentations.  Each oral presentation will be assigned a total of 15 minutes including a 12-minute talk plus a 3-minute discussion period.  Due to the number of sessions and presentations, this time cannot be extended.

2. Poster presentations. Posters are an essential part of the scientific program.  Our goal is to provide high quality poster sessions that are equal to oral sessions in their ability to provide exposure, participation and feedback.

We strongly encourage every person who is submitting an abstract to seriously consider presenting his or her work in poster format. Since we expect over 1,000 abstracts to be received, many thematic and other factors will be simultaneously optimized to create the best possible conference program. The Steering Committee reserves the right to assign abstracts to either poster or oral sessions. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.


Technical questions or concerns about your submission should be directed to Omnipress support desk by clicking on the 'Support' button on the upper right hand corner of the abstract submittal form.

General questions about CERF 2015 should be directed to [email protected] or call (206) 209-5262.

Scientific program questions or concerns should also be directed to [email protected]. Your inquiries will be sent to the proper person for response.

Conference Co-Chairs

Walt Nelson, Western Ecology Division, US Environmental Protection Agency, [email protected]

Ron Thom, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, [email protected]

Scientific Program Co-Chairs

Catherine Corbett, Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, [email protected]

Leila Hamdan, George Mason University, [email protected]

John Rybczyk, Western Washington University, [email protected]