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Igniting the Fire to Answer Grand Challenges

CERF 2015 Ignite Session
Wednesday, November 11| 12-1:30 pm

As scientists, educators, and managers we are faced with the sometimes-daunting task of addressing grand challenges in coastal and estuarine sciences. From climate change, to multiple stressors, big data, urbanization, and conflicting resource use, the need to rise to these challenges, and the obstacles we face, have never been more present. Rising to these challenges can seem overwhelming, and it can be unclear where to even get started. In this Ignite session, speakers will share the stories of where they draw inspiration and motivation to address these challenges, what keeps them committed to working toward solutions, and how they begin to tackle these large problems.

The goal: To create an exciting, engaging event that inspires and motivates CERF attendees. These talks are not traditional science talks and do not follow a specific structure (except for the number of slides and length on each slide). Passion, humor, and creativity are encouraged.

The format: 20 slides, 15 seconds each slide, no turning back! 

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