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Women in Science Luncheon

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10 | 12 - 1:30 PM

The Women in Science Luncheon is an event that will provide participants with an opportunity to hear and discuss major challenges and triumphs faced by females in scientific fields; engage in cross-discipline and professional networking; and foster a community that supports peers through their professional pursuits.

The 2015 luncheon speakers include a panel of scientists who represent a range of career levels within both social and biological sciences!

Themes Announced!

Unconscious Bias and The Illusion of Inclusion, presented by Catalina Martinez
Interior Design - How Individual Actions Promote Diversity in Institutions, presented by Susan Williams
Craft a Happy, Healthy, and Sustainable Career, presented by Emilie Aries 


Catalina Martinez

Physical scientist with National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Office of Exploration and Research

  • Regional Program Manager and Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) for NOAA
  • Active member in several networks including Minorities Striving and Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success in Earth Systems Science (MSPHDSS) and the Earth Science Women’s Network (ESWN)
  • Served as panelist for events and has hosted workshops related to empowering young minority and female scientists
  • Learn more about Catalina

Unconscious Bias and The Illusion of Inclusion

Catalina Martinez will focus on building an awareness of implicit and explicit gender bias and how bias can result in exclusionary behaviors. She will help attendees realize their own inherent bias, understand circumstances that create barriers to success, and empower attendees to make necessary changes to overcome challenges.


Susan Williams

Marine ecology professor at the University of California, Davis’s Bodega Marine Laboratory and 2009-2011 Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation President 

  • A former CERF president with experience and knowledge of the CERF community and history of CERF
  • 2013, Distinguished Service Award, Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation
  • 2011, Honored for Outstanding Leadership, Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation
  • 2009, Outstanding Mentor, Consortium for Women in Research, UC Davis
  • Learn more about Susan

Interior Design - How Individual Actions Promote Diversity in Institutions
As a senior scientist and past administrator, Susan Williams will encourage discussions on individual actions that could change the attendees' institutions to make them more inclusive and diverse.


Emilie Aries

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bossed Up

  • Founder and CEO of Bossed Up, a personal and professional training organization that helps women craft sustainable careers using the latest social science, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and gender equity research
  • Delivered a TEDx talk on the "Power of No" for drawing healthy boundaries and investing in one's long-term achievement
  • Served as a keynote speaker at Brown University's Women's Mentorship Program Kickoff; training on combating gender bias in the interview and hiring process for Brandeis University's Hiatt Career Center; and the Women in Leadership program through the University of Maryland's Carey School of Law
  • Learn more about Emilie  

Craft a Happy, Healthy, and Sustainable Career

Emilie Aries will further the discussion to overcome challenges for women in science, including discussion of the powerful but invisible barriers that gender bias creates; how it perpetuates gender gaps in leadership, and ways to combat it. Emilie provides some research-based tools to help women craft happy, healthy, and sustainable careers.


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