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Remotely Mapping Areal and Depth Distributions of Estuarine/Near-Coastal SAV

Duration: 1:30 pm - 5 pm | Cost: $25
Lead Convener:  David Young

This workshop will address research and measurement techniques for investigating challenges of Sea Level Rise (SLR) to Rooted Submerged Aquatic Vegetation habitats (SAV) in estuarine and near-coastal ecosystems. Targeted subjects for discussion include: (1) Novel techniques for remotely delineating the areal distribution of native and non-indigenous seagrasses. (2) Improved techniques for assessing the accuracy of remotely sensed data. (3) Methods for quantifying changes in SAV distribution and condition (4) GIS techniques to assess bathymetric distribution of existing SAV habitats. (5) Models incorporating environmental variables that influence SAV distributions. (6) Nearshore landscape characteristics that permit or prohibit SAV migration with SLR.

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