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Sun Nov 12, 2023CERF 2023 Conference
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Mon Nov 13, 2023CERF 2023 Conference
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Tue Nov 14, 2023CERF 2023 Conference
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Tue Nov 14, 20232023 Annual Membership and Business Meeting
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Additional Opportunities + Information for Students + Early Career Attendees

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Orientation for first-time CERF Conference attendees

Sunday, November 8, 5:00 – 5:45 pm

Start your CERF 2015 adventure here. Receive tips and advice on how to navigate the meeting, network,
and make the most of your conference experience.

Roomate Finder Forum

Save money on a room AND get to know a fellow CERFer!  Head to our Facebook roommate finder forum
to connect with others and find a roommate for the conference!

Silent Auction fundraiser for Student Travel Awards

6:00 pm Sunday, November 8 through 12:00 pm Wednesday, November 11

The CERF 2015 Silent Auction will raise funds for the CERF Odum Fund to support CERF student participation and development activities. A variety of items will be on display and available for bidding, including original artwork created for CERF 2015, and other items such as books, scientific instrumentation, outdoor sports equipment, gift certificates and CERF memorabilia donated by members, conference vendors and businesses.  Join us for a good cause, and great deals on highly prized items! 

Learn more about how you can donate and bid on items

#CERF2015 is on Facebook and Twitter!

CERF is social! Join in the conversation and get #CERF2015 conference updates and network with other CERF students and recent graduates using the hashtag #CERFstudents. Check out the CERF Facebook page, or follow CERF on Twitter @CERFScience. 

Each session and event at the conference will have its own hashtag so that you can join in and follow specific conversations throughout the conference. Hashtags will be provided on the website and conference program book.


And for those of you who can’t attend this CERF year, we will be Live Tweeting the Keynote Speech, Plenary Presentations, and some of the happenings and events at the conference!  Follow #CERF2015 throughout the conference!


Haiku and Photo Contests

We are hosting our first ever Haiku Contest at CERF 2015 with prizes given to the winners at the Thursday night close out celebration, and we are bringing back the Photo Contest!  Learn more



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