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Take advantage of networking opportunities at CERF 2015!

Connect with us!



Conferences are one of the best ways to network within your field and make professionals connections. 
CERF conferences in particular are known for bringing together coastal and estuarine experts from all over
the world, with a wide variety of fields and backgrounds, and varying levels of experience.  By encouraging a
welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, CERF conferences tend to be chock full of opportunities to meet
people and build a professional network.

At the CERF 2015 activities listed below, you will have the opportunity to:

  • discuss your research and get feedback
  • explore and discover a diverse range of topics and fields of knowledge
  • learn about a wide variety of career options
  • interact with experts one-on-one
  • get professional advice on any lingering questions you may have
  • create and discover future collaboration and professional opportunities
  • discuss pressing issues inherent to careers in science
  • meet other students, recent graduates, post-docs, and early career professionals (often resulting in new and long-lasting friendships!)


Student + Early Career Networking Dinner

Monday, Nov 9, 7 - 9 pm – Oregon Convention Center

Join us for this popular networking event. Rub elbows with faculty, professionals, post-docs, and other students while enjoying complimentary pizza and beverages! Get valuable information on various career options, including alternatives to academia, and make professional connections that may lead to job opportunities and future collaborations. Formatted in a “speed-dating” style, participants will be able to sit down and chat with a number of coastal and estuarine science and management professionals.

Career panelists will be stationed at a table in a speed-dating style, where students and recent graduates will join them for a set amount of time to talk and ask questions, and then switch tables to interact with a new career panelist.

Stay tuned for a list of panelists at the event, which will be posted here.

Whether it is just for an evening function or for the duration of the conference, we encourage you to adopt the CERF tradition of volunteerism and commitment to education. Who knows, you may end up meeting a future collaborator in the process!

Hot Tip: BRING BUSINESS CARDS! (Ask your department if they will print these for you cost free.  And yes, even students can have business cards!).  Also, when someone hands you their business card, on the back write down a few tidbits of who they are and something memorable about them…that way you’ll remember them months after the conference when you go through your business cards.

Student + Early Career Pub Night

Monday, Nov 9, 9 pm until closing time | Location - Rontoms: 600 East Burnside Street  

Join fellow CERF students and early career professionals for a fun night out! Grab drinks, chow down on snacks, listen to some tunes, and best of all get to know other students and professionals in your field in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Stay tuned for more info on the venue and location for the Pub Night.

As always, this event is open and anyone is welcome to join! 

Hot Tip: During the pub night at least once in the evening, steal away from your friends, go up to someone you don’t yet know, introduce yourself, and make a new acquaintance.  Buy them a beer! Stay in touch! Collaborate on a research project 20 years from now!  Make a friend for life! You never know what can happen!

Additional networking activites - Open to all conference participants!

Click on each event for more information. Be sure to sign up for these events when you register for the conference!


Tuesday, Nov 10, 12-1:30pm – Oregon Convention Center



Tuesday, Nov 10, 7-10pm – Punch Bowl Social



Tuesday, Nov 10, 7-8:30am – Waterfront Park Trail


Hot Tip: Be sure to attend the poster viewing sessions, happy hours, field trips, workshops, and any other events that will be offered at CERF 2015 – make the most of your experience!

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