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Silent Auction

The CERF 2015 Silent Auction will raise funds for the CERF Odum Fund to support CERF student participation and development activities. A variety of items will be on display and available for bidding, including original artwork created for CERF 2015, and other items such as books, scientific instrumentation, outdoor sports equipment, gift certificates and CERF memorabilia donated by members, conference vendors and businesses.  Join us for a good cause, and great deals on highly prized items! 

How can I donate an item?
There are several different ways to go about donating an item to the silent auction. If you will be donating an item for the silent auction, you may indicate so on your conference registration form. If you would like to donate an item after you have completed your online registration, you may contact the CERF office for assistance in adding your item for donation. 

You may also download and complete the CERF 2015 Silent Auction Donation form and return to [email protected], or send it in via fax at 401-782-3030 (Attn: Autumn Oczkowski). We are still accepting donations!  Completed forms are due by Monday, October 5, 2015.

When will the auction take place?
The auction will open at 8:00 pm on Sunday, November 8 and close at 12:00 pm on Wednesday, November 11. All bids must be placed prior to the close of the auction.

How do I collect my winning bid?
Auction winners can pay for items in the conference registration area, and all payments must be received by 3:30 pm on Thursday, November 12. If payment is not received at that time, items will automatically be awarded to the next highest bidder who will be immediately contacted. All items must be collected and transported by auction winners at the time of payment.

Take home any of these great items and more as your winning bid!!

Four 100-count bags of Sweet Sound oysters —taste why people love Sweet Sound oysters!

Check out the ratings!


While you’re out in the field, the mini-DOT Logger measures dissolved oxygen and temperature. Package includes logger, USB communication cable, software,and anti-fowling copper kit 

Display your love of the beautiful microscopic world with diatom print work and pillow cover.


Books for all occasions: Resources for your next research project, craft and cooking, and general interest for the multi-faceted CERFer.


Get an instant read on chlorophyll levels with Turner Designs’ Fluorosense handheld fluorometer


After the conference, enjoy Portland in luxury! Bid for two nights in a Premium Room at the Portland Doubletree.

Enjoy a set of three tranquil photos of he Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Maine hanging in your home.
Bid of one of two available conductivity and temperature sensors for the EXO sonde platform offered by Finegan/YSI. This sensor allows the central wiper to clean the electrode before each reading.